About Organizational Dynamics

ODI (Organizational Dynamics) delivers powerful learning solutions for organizations, leaders and practitioners who have a clear stake in accelerating individual, team and organization effectiveness.

ODI was founded by the acclaimed author and thought-leader, George H. Labovitz, PhD. ODI has grown from a small, training-based start-up to become an international corporation offering integrated consulting and training services throughout the world. We have worked with over 2,000 leading organizations in the world including 12 of Fortune's Top 20 companies. ODI is headquartered in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

ODI is a leading provider of quality awareness and process and continuous improvement training along with world-class management and supervisory skills training.

ODI is known for helping organizations align their strategies, people, processes, and customers to achieve competitive advantage and bottom line results. People in aligned organizations have a clear line of sight to customer requirements and organizational goals. The hallmark of aligned organizations is that they consistently deliver measurable improvements in customer loyalty, employee retention, and return to shareholders, all at the same time! Over thirty-years of research has shown that, quite simply, aligned organizations outperform their competitors by every major financial measure.

A Specialist in Healthcare

ODI has been instrumental in helping healthcare organizations achieve greater levels of organizational alignment and dramatically increase continuous quality improvement efforts. ODI has serviced a full range of healthcare institutions ranging from rural and regional facilities to major metropolitan hospitals. To date, ODI has helped over 1,250 healthcare organizations.

Books & Publications

Dr. George H. Labovitz, the founder and CEO of ODI, and professor of management and organizational behavior at the Boston University Graduate School of Management, is the author of 3 Best Selling Book. Essential reading for all managers and executives, they are dynamic approaches for staying balanced and achieving extraordinary levels of performance.
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Total Quality Programs

Our Total Quality and Continuous Improvement (QCI) programs were designed to make sure every individual is both aware of what quality means: total involvement, customer focus, the use of measurement, continuous improvement, and organizational support, as well as their role in the process of achieving organizational excellence. Our QCI-focused programs include:
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Leadership Training

Managers and supervisors are pivotal to the success of any organization because, in most organizations, they shape the environment in which work gets done, set day-to-day priorities, and have the final say on how employees actually spend their time. Our leadership training programs give managers and supervisors the practical tools to tap the wisdom and experience of their employees already on your payroll. Below is a list of the Leadership Programs we offer:
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