The Power of Alignment

Alignment is the optimal state where the key elements of an organization – people, strategy, customers and processes are aligned and integrated to work in concert with each other. People in aligned organizations have a clear line of sight to customer requirements and organizational goals. The hallmark of aligned organizations is that they consistently deliver measurable improvements in customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and return to shareholders all at the same time.

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What is Rapid Realignment?

The ability to rapidly realign is a critical competency that enables you to integrate strategy, people, customers and key processes. Aligned organizations enjoy greater customer and employee satisfaction, and produce superior results to stakeholders. Aligned companies focus people and their work on key goals. They de-emphasize hierarchy, and distribute leadership by distributing authority, information, knowledge, and customer data. In an aligned organization, every employee—from the executive suite to the loading dock—understands the strategy and goals of the business; and everyone knows how his or her work contributes to them. In today's complex, changing world, alignment must be achieved rapidly.

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Measurement & Assessment

Your employees, suppliers and customers constitute a remarkably rich source of leading indicator data, and provide a ready-made early warning system for leadership action. ODI and it's partners will help you create easy-to-use qualitative and quantitative assessment systems that will produce powerful results.

ODI partners with InfoTool to provide a broad array of assessment services delivered individually or in combination depending on your needs.