Influence Without Authority (IWA)

Influence without Authority program prepares your managers, professionals, team leaders, and project managers to be successful champions of "quality" and move comfortably across functional lines, rally others behind their ideas, and exercise influence— even in situations in which they have no formal authority.

Getting work done in organizations today requires people to work across departments. Often someone needs another person to do something for him or her, but that person doesn't report to the individual. Influence Without Authority provides tools and techniques to gain cooperation.

Target Audience: Managers, Middle Managers, Professionals, Team Leaders and Project Managers

Program Highlights Include:
  • Overcome organizational and interpersonal barriers when implementing change
  • Apply influence skills to make change
  • Gain support for organizational improvement from bosses and peers
  • Build win-win alliance with other departments
  • Advance cross-functional improvements through collaborative approaches

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