Managing for Productivity (MFP)

Managing for Productivity is one of the most widely used management training program in the world. It helps managers and supervisors move away from a deeply entrenched, authoritative management style toward a new, more participative approach – one that inspires employees to take ownership for productivity and customer satisfaction.

An application oriented program designed to teach managers how to manage individuals, manage groups, manage change, and manage performance.

Target Audience: Managers, Middle Managers, Leaders and Employees

Program Highlights Include:
  • Plan and set attainable goals
  • Use Performance Management as a key leadership tool
  • Invite Participative Management in your group or team
  • Motivate individuals to meet their individual goals
  • Manage the group process
  • Manage change in your organization
  • Lead problem-solving teams to effectively produce results
  • Communicate Effectively with supervisors, peers and subordinates

* This program was recently updated.

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